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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
INDUSTRY-BASED ESP English for Hotel Expressions Selection

Talking about Hotels and Restaurants

The University of Michigan Press at website presents the unit one of talking about hotels and restaurants. In this unit, we can learn useful words and phrases in a variety of situations: talking about hotels, restaurants, and vacation spots, describing the features of hotels and vacation spots, discussing hotel amenities, facilities, and services.

English for Tourism

University of Da Lat, Vietnam at website presents an e-book entitled “English for Tourism”. In this e-book, we can learn useful vocabulary and expressions about English for hotel in a wide variety of content: hotel reservations, hotel check-in, hotel check-out, and handling complaints.

Welcome Aboard

Yoshito Miyosawa and James Webb, the authors of Welcome Aboard student’s book at website present useful phrases and vocabulary when going aboard in a variety of situations: accommodation – at an accommodation agency at Heathrow airport, at the hotel, at the hotel - requesting a wake-up call, having some problems, taking a taxi, riding the London underground, asking the concierge for sightseeing advice, asking for and giving directions, asking the concierge for restaurant advice, checking out, etc.

Making Accommodations in Hotels

Svetlana Pilucka, the author of “Business English” book from Daugavpils University at website presents useful phrases and vocabulary about making accommodations in hotels in various topics of situation: a letter to a hotel manager, booking a room at a hotel, etc

In a Hotel

Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell, the author of English Vocabulary in Use book at Cambridge University Press helps us learn new vocabulary and phrases about the hotel in various topics of situation: at a reception, using the telephone, and changing money.

Hotel website presents useful vocabulary and expressions about hotel in various topics of situation: booking, checking-in, and problems at a hotel.

Hotel Vocabulary

A staff official website of Yogyakarta State University at website presents hotel vocabulary with meaning and example sentence