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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
INDUSTRY-BASED ESP English for Tourism Articles Selection

Article: Tour Guiding

Virtual University for the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC), Commonwealth of Learning (COL)at website presents a course guide entitled “Tour Guiding”. In the course guide, we can read several articles relating to the tourism industry, for example, definitions, forms of tourism, history of tourism, types of travelers, purpose of travel, factors that influence travel, etc.

Article: Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Nordic World Heritage Foundation (NWHF) under the auspices of UNESCO at website presents the report entitled “Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage - A Review of Development Assistance and Its Potential to Promote Sustainability”.

Article: The Market for Responsible Tourism Products - With a Special Focus on Latin America and Nepal

SNV Netherlands Development Organization at website presents an article about the market for responsible tourism products - with a special focus on Latin America and Nepal.

Article: Thailand Travel Guide

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Mahasarakham University at website presents Thailand travel guide in various topics of content: preparing for your trip, general information, enjoying yourself, and useful phrases.

Article: Introduction to Tourism

Personal, Social and Humanities Education Section, Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region at website presents an article about introduction to tourism.