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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
CAREER-BASED ESP English for Airline Professionals Expressions Selection

English for Airline Staff website presents vocabulary and expressions about English for airline staff in various topics of content: airline vocabulary, checking in passengers, airline announcements - pre-boarding announcement, final boarding announcement, pre-flight announcement, captain's announcement, safety briefing.

Welcome Aboard

Yoshito Miyosawa and James Webb, the authors of Welcome Aboard student’s book at website present useful phrases and vocabulary when going aboard in a variety of situations: at the airport - at the information desk, at the check-in desk, at the gate, on the plane – talking to a flight attendant, captain’s announcement on the plane, In-flight service director’s announcement, talking about problems on board, entering the UK - at passport control, going through customs.

Booking a Flight website presents a conversation about booking a flight between a customer service agent and a passenger.

Complaints and Disruptive Passengers

National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning at website present useful phrases and vocabulary about complaints and disruptive passengers in various topics of content: responding to passenger complaints, dealing with complaints about other passengers, managing disruptive passengers, etc.

At the Baggage Claim and Lost Luggage website presents vocabulary and expressions about baggage claim and lost luggage. We can also practice a dialogue between a passenger and a baggage agent about baggage claim and losing luggage.

In the Airport website presents useful vocabulary commonly used in the airport.