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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
CAREER-BASED ESP English for Sales Video Selection

Video: Selling is Hard Work website presents a short film that we can discover why selling is such a hard work and find out what makes it great.

Video: Sales Techniques: How to Capture a Prospect’s Attention

Keith Rosen, Sales Advisor, for website advises sales techniques on how to capture a Prospect’s attention.

Video: Sell More

Marie Forleo, Host & Founder of MARIETV, for website presents Q&A session with a special guest, Ramit Sethi, New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich. In this video we'll learn why it's so important to get specific when we're positioning a product and questions we can ask ourselves immediately to amp up our business and sell more.

Video: The Two Most Important Words in Sales

Jeffrey Gitomer from BUYGITOMER reveals the two most important words in sales and how they can make us into the best sales person we can be.

Video: Learn English 78 – Sales Figures and website present this advanced English video lesson that we will watch colleagues discussing the sales figures and market evolution in their business. We will learn some common vocabulary for discussing sales and marketing trends.

Video: Ordering Things Online - English Conversation Lesson website presents the video with lesson script, practice phrases and vocabulary. In this two-minute lesson, we are going to learn what to say when ordering things online: talking about online deal, enquiring about delivery, paying through credit card, and exchanging a dress.

Video: Call Center Agent Training Videos

Nancy for website presents the video relating to selling skills from A-Z.

Video: Four Important Points for Sales Calls

Beneva for website presents this quick review on the basics of sales calls which can be a great refresher for florist and their employees in preparation of the upcoming holiday season.

Video: Learn Business English: Sales, Expenses, Profit

Teacher Phil for website gives this free lesson which helps us learn four phrases: sales, expenses, expenditures and profit.