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CAREER-BASED ESP English for Marketing Articles Selection

Article: Office Writing: Letters, Memoranda, Reports

Svetlana Pilucka, the author of “Business English” book from Daugavpils University presents a number of articles regarding letter writing, memoranda, and reports.

Article: Essentials of Effective Correspondence

Arab British Academy for Higher Education at website presents an article about the essentials of effective correspondence.

Article: The Twenty-Eight Most Common Letter-Writing Errors website suggests the twenty-eight most common letter writing errors to avoid.

Article: Tips for Writing High Impact Letters

University of Wisconsin at presents tips for writing high impact letters.

Article: Communicating with E-mail and Memos

Cengage Learning at website presents an article about communicating with E-mail and memos.

Article: Business Letters

Cindy Bader advises tips for writing business letters such as the seven Cs of business letter writing, business letter writing checklist, writing a strong opening in your business letter, putting your reader first, keeping your letter to the point, getting the right tone to your business letter and writing a strong close to your business letter.

Article: Business Writing Skills

Professional Communication Faculty, College of Business, Ohio University at website writes a communication standards booklet about business writing skills in two major sections of the lesson – elements of style and guide to document revision