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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
WORK SKILLS ESP Business Writing Expressions Selection

Business Communication Skills

Arab British Academy for Higher Education at website presents a Business Communication Skills e-book. In the book, we’ll find useful phrases and vocabulary about business writing in many types of messages: inquiries, replies, placing and fulfilling orders, complaints and apologies, sales letter, goodwill letters, circular letters, collection letters, advertising letter, memoranda, CVs and job applications, etc.

Communicating with E-Mail and Memos

Cengage Learning at website presents useful phrases and vocabulary when communicating with E-mail and memos in various topics of content: understanding e-mail messages and memos, composing the main elements of the message, creating professional e-mail messages, constructing professional memos, writing request messages, writing response messages, and writing bad-news messages.

Parts of a Business Letter

Kent State University at website presents useful phrases and vocabulary to be used as parts of a business letter.

Standard Phrases for Letters and E-mails

Gnosis Learning at website presents standard phrases for letters and e-mails in several functions of language: greeting, making reference, giving the reason for writing, making requests, agreeing to requests, giving bad news, enclosing/attaching documents, reference to future contact, closing remarks, and finishing salutation.

Writing Professional Letters

University of Wisconsin at presents useful phrases and vocabulary about writing professional letters in various topics of content: letter of inquiry, letter of application, pre-Interview and pre-screening letter, interviewing confirmation letter, post interview thank you letter, etc.

Phrases to Use in Business Letters and Emails website presents phrases to use in business letters and emails in a variety of situations: request for information, response to request, requests, goodwill, introduction of product/service, reference, confirmation, notification, offering assistance, and collection.