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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
WORK SKILLS ESP English for Mass Communication Exercises Selection

Exercise: Writing a News Article website presents plenty of exercises that are specially designed to help us practice writing a news article.

Exercise: The Language of the Media

BBC World Service at website presents a booklet entitled “The Language of the Media”. The booklet was designed to introduce us to some of the styles of English we will hear when listening to BBC World Service. It offers useful vocabulary, expressions and exercises about the language of the media in eight types of programs/broadcasts: news headlines, news reports, sports commentaries, holiday programs, arts reviews, interviews, financial reports, Internet.

Exercise: Mass Communication

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) at website presents an article about mass communication in a wide variety of content: meaning of mass communication, functions of mass communication, origin of mass communication, paper, printing, and different forms of mass media. At the end of each lesson, there are activities and in-text questions for us to practice.

Exercise: Headline Writing website helps us practice writing headlines for those stories.

Exercise: Elements of Advertising Vocabulary website helps us practice useful phrases and vocabulary about elements of advertising.

Exercise: The Media

Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylor-Knowles for Macmillan present the book of Destination B2: Grammar and Vocabulary. In this book, we can practice vocabulary about the media.