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= Personable
= Honest
= Responsible
= Able
= Noble
= Accountable
= Kind
= Healthy
= Outstanding
WORK SKILLS ESP English for Presentations Video Selection

Video: Speaking Tips – Stop Worrying and Start Presenting

Erin Manning, Professional Photographer, Author & Teacher from the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) created this video to help us prepare for our presentations. From concept to execution – it’s all here!

Video: Presentation Skills – How to improve your presentations

Steve Bavister, presentations expert from Speak First Company, advises presentation skills to Laura. Watch examples of two presentations, one is much better than the other.

Video: Presenting & Public Speaking Tips – How to improve skills & confidence

Rachel Willis from VIRTUALStudio.TV gives presenters ten tips on how to improve their presentations, public speaking skills & confidence.

Video: Business English Presentations: Essential Phrases and Structure

David from website presents the useful phrases and structure of presentations for business English or other English presentations. Phrases for each section are spoken (modeled) so presenters can practice and repeat, and important grammar and vocabulary tips are given.

Video: Create Slides People Will Remember

Nancy Duarte, CEO, DUARTE, INC. and author of the "HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations" explains how to avoid PowerPoint hell.

Video: Presentation Sign Posting

This video is a production of ADMC - Abu Dhabi Men’s College. Its content covers Joe’s useful English phrases - Signposting Language – we can use to show how our presentation is organized.

Video: How to open and close presentations? - Presentation lesson from Mark Powell

In this clip, Mark Powell from Dynamic Presentatio¬ns DVD provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations.

Video: Creative Presentation Ideas - Good PowerPoint Presentations VIDOONS website presents cartoon animations into PowerPoint presentation with script. They also create a unique and memorable business PowerPoint presentation. The team of Professional illustrators from website will turn our ideas and script into video files we can drop straight into our next presentation to give it some real "wow" factor.

Video: How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation

Learn how to give amazing presentations using PowerPoint or whatever our tool of choice in this fun, engaging, and concise animated whiteboard video by Wienot Films.

Video: Presentation Tip: 3 Steps to Easily Introduce Yourself

Carlkwan from website presents us an easy way to introduce oneself that will make a good impression at the beginning of our presentation.