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I-SEEC 2017 - Conference 2017,Scinece, Social Sciences, Engineering

logo conference iseec2017

Track I : Science and Engineering

Agricultural Science, Engineering and Related Areas
Chemical Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Energy and Related Environment
Applied Physics and Material Sciences
Architecture/ Sustainable Architecture
STEM Research
Other Related Areas

 Notes : - maximum 6-page full paper

              - 80 x 110 centimeters for each Poster Presentation

Track II : Social and Behavioral Sciences

Arts and Humanities
Business, Management and Accounting
Economics and Finance
 - Decision Sciences
Social Sciences
STEM and Education
Redevelopment, Rehabilitation
Landscape and Local Renewable Materials
Gender, Family, Ageing and Urbanis
Other Related Areas

 Notes : - maximum 10-page full paper

              - 80 x 110 centimeters for each Poster Presentation


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Start August 17, 2016

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Introduce Pattaya

       Pattaya not only is a top attraction in Thailand, but its reputation has also been spread all over the world. This is because there are a number of natural attractions in Pattaya, such as Pattaya Beach, Jomtien beach, Koh Larn, Silverlake winery, and so on. Apart from these natural attractions, there are also night clubs, a broad range of restaurants, sports and water activities, and traditional shows. It is therefore not surprisingly to see numerous numbers of visitors travelling Pattaya, especially in October to March where it is as the peak season.


       There is a story for the reason why this city is named Pattaya. In 1767, before the second fall of the Thailand former capital, Ayuthaya, to Burmese, Phraya Kampangpetch named Tak Sin (became King Tak Sin later) believed that weak army in the former capital could not win the war from Burmese during that time. Then he, Phraya Kampangpetch, gather Thai soldiers to fight for heading southeast of Thailand in order to develop a new strategy and collect more soldiers to fight back Burmese army.

       On the way of heading to Chanthaburi, he made a decision to let the troop stay at the current location of Pattaya. However, Phraya Kampangpetch then encounters with the troop of Nai Glom, who tried to intercept him. Surprisingly, Phraya Kampangpetch was riding a fighting elephant followed by his troop to head to the middle of the troop of Nai Glom in order to frighten the opponent. When Nai Glom met face to face with Phraya Kampangpetch, he then chose to surrender without a fight because of a respect in Phraya Kampangpetch’s manner and his army conformity.



Hotel : The A-ONE Royal Cruise Hotel. Pattaya Beach

       Welcome aboard to the paradise ship, where gentle waves meet unique cruise design. The hotel faces the fascinating sea view of Pattaya beach front promenade in North Pattaya Beach. Fully facilities and complete entertainments are exclusively provided for you at the place where anything is possible. 466 Cabins Beachfront, 2 Ship-Shaped, City-Resort. The A-One Pattaya Hotel has Private Terraces & Shower + Bath Tub, Karaoke, Pub, Restaurant and Pool Side Area with International BBQ Dinner and Seafood BBQ Dinner.

Hotel Information

       Pattaya Hotel Address: 499 North Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150 Thailand. Pattaya Hotel Tel: 0-3825-9555 (auto) Fax: 0-3842-4242, E-mail: a-onehotel@a-onehotel.com, http://www.a-onehotel.com/pattaya/
       Contact other Aone Hotels here or use the top menu to navigate to another hotel. Tel: (662) 718 1030-43, 318 5560-2 Fax: (662) 3198230, 318 5563

DownloadReserving hotel for participant (Thai Version) / (Eng Version)