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I-SEEC 2017 - Conference 2017,Scinece, Social Sciences, Engineering

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Start August 17, 2016

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Areas of Interest Include,
But are not Limited to:

Computer Science and Engineering


  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
  • Bioinformatics
  • Communication Systems & Networks
  • Component-Based Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture and VLSI
  • Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
  • Database, Data Warehousing, Data Engineering
  • Distributed Computing
  • Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing
  • Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • Information Science and Systems
  • Intelligent Agent Technology, Agent Based Systems
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Internet Technology and Applications, e-Commerce
  • Middleware Architectures & Techniques
  • Mobile/Wireless Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing & Systems
  • Programming Languages, Compilers, & Operating Systems
  • Semantic Web
  • Software Architectures, Design Patterns, Frameworks
  • Software Engineering and Information Engineering
  • Software Metrics & Project Management
  • Software Reuse, Design Patterns
  • Software Testing and Tools
  • Techniques for specification, Verification and Validation
  • Technology Education and Training
  • UML, OO Modeling & Simulation
  • Visual and Multimedia Computing
  • Web Engineering & Applications
  • Information Technology and related areas